I'm Mad About The Glamour, Baby

In this intense porn video you will see a beautiful, glamorous girl getting pissed on in the most satisfying way. She wears tight, revealing clothing and her long, flowing hair falls down her back. She stands in front of a group of men who stare at her with lustful eyes. Their attention doesn't seem to faze her at first, but as they begin to circle her, she becomes a little uneasy. He tries to push them away, but they keep getting closer. Finally one of them steps forward and starts pissing on her, but she loses her control. He begins to scream and scream, his fists clenched tightly. He tries to push them away, but they are too strong. They hold her and piss on her again and again. She struggles and writhes and tries to escape, but they keep coming. As they continue to piss on her, she feels more and more humiliated. She is completely exposed and has nothing to protect her from her urine. He tries to cover himself with his hands, but they keep coming back. Finally, after what feels like an eternity, they stop pissing on her. She is completely wet and urine is dripping down her body. He looks into the camera, his face red and flushed. She is completely humiliated, but there is something else: a feeling of satisfaction. She knows that she has been completely dominated by these men and she is enjoying every second of it. He begins to massage himself and feels the moisture in his body. She starts moaning and groaning, enjoying the feeling of being completely humiliated. When the video comes to an end, she is still there, completely wet and covered in urine. He looks into the camera, his eyes full of lust. She's totally in love with the feeling of being pissed and can't wait to do it again. Title: Angry About Glam Babe

Duration: 10:10

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