To Pee Or Not To Pee

The scene begins with a beautiful woman sitting on the toilet with her legs spread and reaching for the phone. He scrolls through his messages, his eyes scanning the text as he tries to decide what to do. I have to go to the toilet, he thinks. But I don't want to leave the phone. He looks at his phone, his fingers hovering over the power button. He knows that if he turns it off, he won't be able to go back to his messages when he's done. “I’ll switch it to silent,” he decides. I can still check my messages when I'm done. He puts his phone on silent and gets up from the toilet. His legs tremble slightly as he walks to the bathroom door. When he enters the bathroom, he sees a man standing in front of the sink. He is tall, muscular and has a prominent chin. Who are you? he asks with a trembling voice. “I’m here to help you,” he says, his voice deep and authoritative. What do you want? he asks, his eyes scanning her body. “I want to help you with your decision,” he says, moving closer to her. Which decision? he asks, his heart pounding. The decision to pee or not, he says in a quiet, seductive voice. What do you mean? he asks with wide eyes. “I mean, you're sitting on the toilet trying to decide whether to go to the toilet or not,” he explains. And I'm here to help you make that decision. He approaches her, arms crossed over his chest. What should I do? he asks with a trembling voice. “You have to tell me whether you want to go to the toilet or not,” he says in a low, authoritative voice. “I… I don’t know,” he stammers, his eyes darting back and forth between himself and the bathroom. “It’s okay,” he says in a soothing voice

Duration: 17:20

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